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Mustapha Boumrour


Ibrahim Boumrour


Karen Lee McCluskey

meet your travellin partners


Mustapha and Ibrahim Boumrour

Sahara desert is our  home, the place we were raised as children.  We are nomads and have been living in the desert of  Merzouga with our Beber family.

We started guiding tourists into the desert when we were little boys.   

During our early adulthood, we moved to Marrakech and started touring Morocco with clients. 

Karen Lee McCluskey

Visiting Morocco had only been a dream for as long as I can remember. I went on a tour and my only disappointment was there wasn’t enough time and not personal enough.  I returned to Morocco months later and toured with smaller group adding a visit to the Sahara Desert.   That was it.  I fell in love with the desert and the amazing kind, friendly, and caring people.  Visitors to Morocco will never forget Moroccans hospitality.  Morocco is an amazing landscape of beautiful contrasts. The landscape includes mountains, desert, and coasts.  The best gift you may receive is cheerful eyes and welcoming hearts all around you.  Morocco can be sensory overload, and I love it.  Working with Mustapha and Ibrahim have made my dreams come true.

Cometravellinwith us is based in Merzouga. We offer tours throughout Morocco.  Our guides will take you to the Imperial Cities, Medinas, the Atlas Mountains, Kasbahs, and the Sahara Desert and share the culture, the history, the architecture, and share the daily life of the Moroccan people.

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